Championship registration is required for all classes, including for riders who registered in previous years.

The information gathered is used to update our registered riders information with changes of class, contact information or bike all being transferred to our on-line entry system. The information gathered is also used to update our database through which we send out championship information and event alerts.

The date of birth field must be filled in to confirm whether a rider is over eighteen or not and therefore determine whether or not they can sign on to race without a guardian being present.

Please fill in the form below filling all of the fields.
If you are entering more than one class please enter the details for both machines in the BIKE NUMBER, BIKE MAKE, BIKE MODEL & CC fields, clearly stating which info relates to which class.

Masters Superbike Championship Registration 2020
* indicates required
This field is required due to concerns regarding the possibility of riders signing on without a guardian present if under 18